Vicki Ferguson - Catawba, OH
Hi! We wanted to send you some pictures of our adorable puppy and to let you know how she is doing. Mia is doing wonderfully and has become the ultimate canine companion to our family. Her playful nature and limitless antics enrich our lives, and those of our neighbours and friends, on a daily basis. She is endlessly patient with children and is always eager to greet them and look after their well being.
Thank you so much!

Paul Hollie - Easton, PA
Hi! I just wanted to check in and let you know that our little man Rato is doing very well! He and Kalin are getting along well (although I think Rato is wearing him out a bit!). Rato has been eating and his stools are relatively well formed (for a puppy, anyway!). He was very inquisitive and attentive from the moment we brought him inside. He did cry quite a lot when we put him in his pen yesterday, but the crying time is getting shorter each time. He also slept quite a lot last night, only waking up once in 8 hours.
Both my wife and I want to thank you for all of the information and support you have already provided. We couldn't have been more impressed with your dedication to your dogs, and we are so very happy to have gotten such a wonderful dog from you.
I'll keep you updated on Rato's progress. I am off work for the next 8 days or so, so we've got plenty of time to focus on settling him in.
Thanks again, and we'll be in touch soon.

Jeanne & David Turner - Seattle, WA
Hi! I feel so blessed to have found your website after searching for months for a legit breeder. I called multiple breeders, some didn't even call back or they were very expensive. When I called you I was pleasantly surprised that you answered the phone and took the time to talk to me, unlike some breeders I called. From day one to the day we received Lica, you were always available to answer my questions. I can't thank you enough.
On to the best part. Lica is my best friend and the best dog ever. He has the best temperament, everywhere we go people stop us. My vet's office is so in love with him. He has adapted well and is almost fully housebroken. I took your advice and closed the door to the kennel at night and didn't hear a peep out of him. From day one, we haven't heard a peep out of him at night. At his last vet visit, two weeks ago, he was 12 weeks old and 11 pounds. I wish he could stay this small. He is such a cuddle bug. He likes to sit on the dishwasher door when it's open and loves to sit on the heat vents. I guess he's a little spoiled. Training is going well, he does sit, stay and down, he even waits for his food. We will be starting his official puppy classes this weekend.
I can't thank you enough for breeding the best great danes ever. Thanks again.

Robert Keck - Detroit, MI
My dad & I just wanted to thank you for our little bundle of joy. We've named him Saint-B, & he is an absolute joy. Puppy-hood is hard work but he has been so worth it! Saint-B is doing beautifully with potty training, he's met some of his "doggy cousins" (and did wonderfully playing and getting to know them), & has even learned to Sit & Lay Down.He is such a well adjusted, socialized, and lovingly nurtured puppy. The effort you've made with him before we brought him home is so evident. We both feel so happy and blessed to have found you, and found our new family member. We can't imagine life without him!
Thank you so much!

Sharon & Jeremy Alcala - Redlands, CA
GD USA are great! The transaction was quick and smooth. They were prompt with responding and shipping was a breeze and can we talk about how reasonable their prices are? My new puppy is in gorgeous, great health and is just the sweetest thing. They are great to work with and offered their advice in the future if needed.
Thanks again.

Nickole & Johnson Davis - Nutley, NJ
We purchased two blue Great Dane puppies from GD USA, we couldn't be happier. Our babies are beautiful. They are healthy and very happy in their new home and family. We recommend this breeder 100%. They are very patient and knowledgeable. Thanks for answering my million questions before the sale and after the sale.
Thanks again for everything.

Joan & Saul Bird - New York, NY
GD USA is awesome, they will answer any questions, I have had small dogs for some time, bought a blue boy and they were there for every question I had! I was very scared to give so much money to someone in another state so faraway, did not know if they would take money and run, they did not, they are great please buy from them. I was like you did not know who to trust you can trust them.
Thanks & Stay blessed.

Barbara & Roland Yee - Jacksonville, FL
I wish I had more words to rate GD USA. We received our male Great Dane puppy last Monday & he is the sweetest, most lovable little puppy ever. They were amazing, I was a huge pain in the butt buyer & they were nothing less than courteous & sincere. They even made alternate shipping arrangements for me due to my work schedule.
Thanks again guys.

Samuel & Emelda Neff - Chicago, IL
My wife and I purchased our puppy from them about few weeks ago. She is the most amazing and beautiful puppy we have ever seen. They were there for us every step of the way, he is a great person to deal with and he cares for his puppies even after the sale.
5Thanks for all your help.

Mariam Belcher - Phoenix, AZ
I picked my new baby at the airport 4 days ago. She is a sweet puppy with calm personality. They did such an awesome job with all their puppies. I will definitely be contacting them again for any future purchases. I can tell my baby was handled with love from day one.
Thanks for such an awesome new baby!

Kathryn & Lisa Picard - Augusta, GA
Toby is doing just fine, we didn't get home until 10:00pm, he was pretty quiet on our way home from the airport, he must be really tired and hungry as soon as we got home, he tried to communicate with us and doesn't seem to be very afraid of us, he ate and try out the milk in the bowl, mostly play with it. Yes, he is such a cute and good looking puppy. My daughter really enjoy him as a new addition to our family.
Thanks again for all the work and time you put in for him.
I will let you know how is the progress and might have more questions for you.

Kylie & Derick Chun - El Paso, TX
After visiting several breeders, I came across GD USA website. They were so friendly & helpful right from the beginning. When we met the puppies in person at their home, they were exactly as they were in the pictures, healthy, happy, and so cute. I instantly fell in love with Vince! They were very honest, very informative & helpful through the entire sale process. This is my first time buying a Great Dane, & I am so happy with my little boy! They are great about giving helpful advice about keeping your puppy healthy even after you purchase the puppy, I couldn’t be happier!! Looking forward to my next pup.
Best regards.

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